‘Inspire Dublin’ is an exciting new initiative to match young people from communities in Dublin to successful individuals who are from the same local community.

The programme concept is simple, professionals will ‘inspire’ young people through their own life experience, and support them to see opportunities in life that may not have been apparent to them. The overall aim of the programme is to facilitate young people to become thriving and engaged members of their own community and the City, and in time encourage them to create their own economic opportunities. 

Assisting young people to develop their potential will not come through a single solution but may involve workplace opportunities, networking and one to one advice and support. Government, local government, community-led organisations all provide a matrix of supports to aid youth development.  The private sector also has a key role to play.  They have resources that can operate at a scale that most other entities cannot. That is why the Lord Mayor is launching a programme with support from local government, community-led organisations and the private sector.

It is hoped that this programme will offer new insights, ways of working and tools that can create real advantage for the young people who embark upon it.


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