INSPIRE connects a local professional (adult) to a mentee (youth) to offer emotional, esteem, advice and tangible support. The relationship is about spending time together and at a deeper level it is about offering a supportive relationship to a young person in need.

The INSPIRE Vision & Mission

Vision - Creating economic opportunities for youth facing adversity.

Mission - Connecting our young people with successful professionals who inspire youth to grow and develop into thriving, productive and engaged members of our society.

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Background to INSPIRE

Europe's future prosperity depends on its young people. Particularly as they represent a fifth of the EU population, their skills and abilities will be decisive in achieving the Europe 2020 goal of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. In 2010 the European Commission, as part of the Europe 2020 strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth set a target to reduce the number of people subject to poverty and social exclusion by 20 million . In addition, it was proposed to raise the employment rate of those aged 20–64 to 75 per cent. In any society, ensuring that all individuals have the opportunity and support to prosper, both economically and socially, is a priority for government. A recent report commissioned by the Irish Government, Profiling Barriers to Social Inclusion in Ireland outlined in order for the Irish government to succeed in meeting this challenge, it is necessary to understand exactly what the main barriers to economic and social inclusion are within Ireland. The report deduces five key barriers; jobless households, lone parents, homeless or those affected by housing exclusion, disability and ethnicity. Belonging to a jobless household was the most commonly reported barrier (over 40 per cent of their research sample), while the reported occurrence of the other barriers was typically below 10 per cent .

The National and Economic Social Council of Ireland (2014)   stipulate there is a need to address the issue of household joblessness for a number of reasons; for the households themselves, especially for the future of their children; to reduce poverty; for the productive capacity of the economy; and for the common good and societal well-being. Jobless households can be defined in two ways; one based on adults living in a household where no one is at work and the other, based on low-work intensity. In Ireland, jobless households account for 17.6% of the population that is compared to the EU average 17.3% (2018). In Ireland children make up nearly one third of those in jobless households. Youth who have experienced these situations are less likely to have the educational attainment and labour market skills critical to success in today’s economy. As a result, they tend to participate less often in the labour force, experience higher rates of unemployment when they do participate, and earn less when they find work. 

Jobless households comprise disparate types of people—the unemployed, people with disabilities, people with caring duties in the home, and children. Assisting adults in jobless households to find employment will not come through single solutions but packages that reflect the complexity of their situation and needs. Government, local government, community-led organisations provide a matrix of supports to aid individuals within jobless households.  The private sector also has a key role to play.  They can be part of the solution. They have resources that can operate at a scale that most other entities cannot. Corporate Social Innovation can create long term value not only for the company but the community or area it is supporting. INSPIRE is an example of Corporate Social Innovation.

LinkedIn’s mission is to connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful. What would happen if LinkedIn used their platform to connect youth in jobless households with a successful professional role model? INSPIRE will test this to find out!

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